I need your help

This site cannot exist without your help. People search sites are notorious for changing how you request removal from their site. They intentionally make it hard for users to figure out how to remove their information from their site. This is where you can help contribute.

I cannot update all of the instructions myself, which is why I have created a github repository that contains this site. My hope is that with enough people contributing, we can keep an updated list of how to remove information from these sites as they change and as new ones pop up.

How to contribute

You can help add posts to this site by creating a pull request on github. All you need to do is change the steps in content/post/template.md to the steps needed to remove your data from a site and change the name of template.md to .md. For example:

title: "example"  # Change me!
date: 2022-01-17 # Change me! (Must use YYYY/MM/DD format)
draft: false 

<steps to remove your data from the site>